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Dental Water Lines

The quality of dental unit water is of considerable importance as both patients and staff are regularly exposed to water and aerosols generated from dental unit water-lines (DUWL).

These dental water lines are susceptible to biofilm which are known to harbour pathogens, including pseudomonas, legionella and mycobacteria

HTML-05 advises that bacterial growth is monitored via laboratories rather than dipslides.

A “standard” dental water line test includes laboratory analysis for:-

  • Total Viable Count at 22°C & 37°C
  • Pseudomonas
  • E.Coli
  • Coliforms

A “enhanced” dental water line test includes mycobacteria in addition to the tests above.

Legionella screening on DUWL is a separate test.

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Advice on Taking the Sample

Purge the 3:1 air/water syringe waterline, instrument hose waterline, patient cup filler waterline (where present) and cuspidor rinse waterline (where present) outlets of the dental unit for 2 minutes before collecting water samples.