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About us

AquaCert have been testing water samples for legionella bacteria for over 20 years, we operate throughout the UK and parts of Europe.

We are at the forefront of technology and innovation which we use to provide simple, effective solutions to water quality.  We analyse water for all types of bacteria in hospitals, care homes, industrial, commercial and leisure buildings.

We care about our customers, we’ll always make time to explain what every result means. For the past 10 years, our surveys show that 100% of our customers are happy to recommend us and we aim to maintain this standard.

We employ chemists and engineers with specialist knowledge of buildings water services who are happy to advise, using their extensive experience to recommend practical, cost effective resolutions.

Are you just a Legionella Testing Company?

Absolutely not, we do so much more. Yes, we specialise in Legionella Testing Kits and are the UK’s longest serving and most trusted provider, but we offer many more testing kits and services. Click on the following links to see more:

Would you like more information about Legionella & Water Testing?