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AquaCert Shower Head Cleaner (GEL)



Improved Formula – New Name

Descales and Disinfects at the same time

  • Descales and disinfects showers in minutes.
  • Used by the NHS, MOD and Care Homes throughout the UK

A slightly viscous liquid descaler and sanitiser for spray cleaning permanently fixed showerheads, tap outlets and other scaled surfaces, AquaCert Shower Head Cleaner GEL quickly removes calcium and magnesium carbonate scale.

Specific formulated product for spraying onto “unsubmersible” units, vertical surfaces and fixed fittings that cannot be dismantled and immersed for treatment.

It also contains a proprietary biocide which disinfects the shower head. Independent laboratory tests show it is highly effective against legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Spray bottle not included (search Amazon or Google for “acid resistant spray bottle” – they are approx £3-5 each for 500ml capacity)

Your order will be delivered by a specialist courier, they transport chemicals throughout the UK. The cost is determined by your postcode

  • Spray this product directly onto the surface to be descaled/disinfected.
  • Leave for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Repeat if required.
  • This spray product is not a general replacement for internal liquid cleans and will not penetrate inside shower heads. If fittings can be dismantled then use AquaCert Shower Head Cleaner (liquid).

Q. Can it be used on chromed shower heads?
A. It can be used sparingly on decorative and Chromed finishes but chrome plating will eventually be removed with repeated use.

Q. Do I need protective clothing?
A. The product is acidic so suitable PPE should be worn such as rubber gloves, eye protection and an apron.