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Drinks Vending Machines

Modern drinks vending machines now offer a wide variety of hot/cold plus sweet and savoury beverages.  Although they dispense liquids they come under “Food” regulations rather than “Water” regulations and these are quite different.

The microbiological quality can deteriorate for several reasons, such as:-

  • Residual sugars and ingredients cling to the dispensing nozzle and provide nutrients for bacteria so unless sanitised frequently, the numbers will rapidly increase.
  • Users touch the dispensing nozzle and transfer bacteria, including faecal matter potentially.
  • Stored ingredients become stale due to a particular drink being unpopular.
  • The incoming mains supply is poor quality.

Checking your beverage water quality is simple, quick and inexpensive.

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Advice on Taking the Sample

You can dispense a cold vend direct into the bottle to ascertain the quality the user experiences (which may be poor due to a contaminated nozzle)

Alternatively, sanitise the dispensing nozzle (we supply the disinfectant) to check the quality that the machine is producing.