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Spas & Jacuzzis

Spa tubs and Jacuzzis operate at the perfect temperature for legionella to grow and powerful jets generate an aerosol just above the water line where we lounge in bliss!

We supply plenty of nutrients to feed these bacteria from our saliva, sweat, suntan lotion, cosmetics, dead skin/hair plus any urine/faecal mater

Good practice entails automatic dosing and filtration plus regular cleaning.

During use the disinfectant level should be checked every 2 hours for commercial units and twice daily for domestic hot tubs.

Monthly microbiological testing is stipulated by the HSE plus a legionella screening every 3 months.

It is believed that Jacuzzis and Hot Tubs are the source of most of the cases of Legionnaires Disease in the UK.

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Advice on Taking the Sample

Wear surgical gloves, sterilise them and the sample bottle with alcohol first to prevent transferring bacteria from your hand/bottle into the Jacuzzi/Hot Tub.

While the bottle is being plunged into the water it should be kept almost horizontal but with the neck pointing slightly upwards to avoid loss of the neutralising agent. Immerse 300mm below the pool surface and tilt upwards to allow it to fill.  Once full, replace the cap and shake to disperse the neutraliser.