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Water Features

These can provide fun, peace, tranquillity or entertainment. Whatever purpose they were designed for, they have one thing in common which is moving water.

Water doesn’t just attract us humans, it attracts bird and rodents as it becomes their regular water supply. These wildlife carry their own diseases so the water features must be treated to minimise any risk to humans.

To test for every potential bacteria/virus would take weeks and cost £1000’s so we check for ‘indicator’ bacteria – if they are present it suggests the treatment programme needs repairing / reviewing.

So a simple drinking water test which is rapid and inexpensive will provide peace of mind.

Most water features generate an aerosol so it’s important that regular screenings for the legionella bacteria are undertaken.

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Advice on Taking the Sample

Turn the pumps off or you’ll get wet!

Avoid sampling near the water make-up point or close to any chemical dosing area.