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Showers (including Kitchen Pot Wash Sprays)

For most properties, showers will pose the highest legionella risk since they are susceptible to bacterial colonisation, scale formation and most importantly they produce an aerosol.

It’s common for some showers to be rarely used, this allows the bacteria counts to grow. Flushing infrequently used showers every week will help reduce the risk and the HSE stipulate that they should be descaled & disinfected every 3 months. Shower Head Plus is an ideal product to use since descales and disinfects at the same time.

A simple legionella test will demonstrate if your flushing and cleaning regime is being effective.

Don’t forget a pot wash spray in your kitchen is exactly the same as a shower!

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Advice on Taking the Sample

If the shower hasn’t been used for a while or is particularly scaled, don’t produce an aerosol during the sampling process.

Get a clean sandwich bag and snip off the corner, place it over the shower head you’ll get a steady flow instead of a spray.