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Therma Elite Industrial Thermometer with Surface Probe



The best all-round thermometer for taking monthly Sentinel temperatures.

This combination is ideal for getting accurate readings from either liquids or surfaces.

Use it for taps, pipework, calorifiers, hot water cylinders.


Ideal thermometer/probe combination to undertake monthly Sentinel readings as part of your legionella prevention regime.

  • Includes waterproof/surface probe
  • Free traceable calibration certificate included
  • Easy to read, backlit LCD display
  • Max/min memory function
  • Mode button to change from °C to °F
  • Response time is less than 0.5 seconds
  • 2 years guarantee

For pipework temperatures where a constant visible display is necessary, try the Budget Surface Pipe Thermometer which just clips on.

Thermometer Range -99.9°C to +299.9°C
Probe Range -60°C to +250°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy ± 0.4°C
Power 3  x 1.5V AAA Batteries
Battery Lifetime 10,000 hours (minimum 5 years)
Probe Ribbon surface probe (type K thermocouple)
Dimensions 128mm high x 56mm wide x 25mm deep (excluding probe)
Weight  130g (excluding probe)

MAX/MIN - Press the MAX/MIN button to display the values. The instrument retains the max/min values when switched off.

0.1/1 °C/°F RESOLUTION - The Therma Elite can be switched between 0.1 °C/F or 1 °C/F by pressing the MODE button.

°C/°F - The instrument can be switched between °C and °F by pressing the MODE button for three seconds.

BACKLIGHT - Press the HOLD button for two seconds. Please Note: the backlight will not operate if 'LO BAT' is being displayed.

HOLD - Press the HOLD button to freeze the display, press again to continue measuring.

AUTO-OFF - The unit will switch off automatically after 10 minutes. To disable auto-off press the HOLD button whilst switching on the instrument (this is reset when the instrument is switched off).

TRIM - Press the MAX/MIN and ON/OFF buttons at start up for five seconds to enter (Offset is displayed). MAX/MIN then cycles (continuous loop) the trim value in 0.1 steps up to ±2.0 ºC (3.6 ºF). Press ON/OFF to save the value and exit Trim mode.

WARNING: IPA and other solvents may cause damage to the case and screen of this instrument.


Why can’t we post the sample back to you, couriers must add to the cost of your product.



Laboratories are regularly audited to ensure they meet UKAS standards.  Samples must be marked with the time/date that they were taken and analysis must begin within 48 hours (max). The UK postal service is no longer guaranteed to deliver within this time period. Samples that arrive at the laboratory more than 48 hours after sampling are deemed Non-Compliant and should not be tested.



Wouldn’t it be easier to use smaller bottles, other companies just ask for 250ml but AquaCert send out 1 litre bottles.



Yes, it would be a lot easier!

However, the international standard for legionella testing is set out in the document BS EN ISO 11731:2017 Water quality - Enumeration of Legionella.

We don’t take shortcuts, our testing is 100% UKAS accredited and the results will hold up in court.

Taking smaller sample sizes or allowing more than 48 hours transit time is not recommended and the validity of the result  would be challenged if used as evidence in a law court.