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Drinking Water Dispensers (inc Water Coolers)

Drinks machines are commonplace nowadays wherever people gather, some are mains fed, others from a bottle.

Water quality is a common issue usually due the operator failing to maintain a hygienic maintenance regime. The reason for the poor quality is often:-

  • Untrained cleaners wiping the dispensing nozzle with a cloth used on other taps.
  • Staff/Visitors touching the nozzle with a used cup – transferring traces of saliva.
  • Failing to sanitise the neck of new bottles on changeover, these bottles will have been picked up by at least 10 different hands before swapping out the empty bottle. It only needs one hand to have traces of faecal matter to contaminate the water.

The tests which AquaCert perform are the same as for ordinary drinking water, you can choose to take a “Pre-Flush” or “Post-Flush” sample below.

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Advice on Taking the Sample

Take the sample without any preparation of the nozzle to establish the bacteriological quality of the drink that your staff/visitors are consuming.Sanitise the dispensing nozzle and flush before collecting the sample. This result then tells you what the quality of the water is inside the unit. (Our test kit includes the materials to sanitise the outlet).