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Cold Water Storage Tanks

It’s common for drinking water to be supplied from cold water storage tanks especially in high rise buildings. In these situations, the tanks should conform to current regulations.

Water quality in tanks will deteriorate under certain conditions, such as:-

Low usage which allows the water to stagnate.

Elevated stored water temperature, especially common during summer months due to a rise in temperature of the incoming mains supply. Poor insulation will allow the problem to escalate further.

Contamination from insects, birds or rodents due to poor maintenance on the tank lids or overflow pipes.

Checking your drinking water quality is simple, quick and inexpensive. For Landlords, it’s imperative they can demonstrate they are providing good quality water to their tenants.

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Advice on Taking the Sample

Make sure your hands and the bottle are sterile before sampling otherwise you may be contaminating the water.

Avoid taking a sample directly under the ballvalve.

Download our cold water storage tank sampling guide for further information.