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Calorifiers & Water Heaters

Calorifier is a fairly generic term which covers several types of equipment which produce hot water such as:-

  • Immersion heaters
  • Hot Water Cylinders
  • Electric water heaters
  • Gas fired water heaters
  • Combination units

Calorifiers must store water at 60°C minimum.

Most calorifiers have the cold inlet at the bottom so the water nearer the base is much cooler, often a perfect temperature for legionella growth. So it’s important that the remainder of the stored water is hot enough to deactivate or kill the legionella within a few minutes.

If the stored temperature is not high enough, it permits legionella bacteria to be distributed around the property and colonise taps and showers.

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Advice on Taking the Sample

OutletDrain Valve
If there is not a sample point on the outlet pipework, use the FIRST direct fed hot water outlet. Water can be taken from the bottom drain valve (if fitted).
The result will show if there are legionella living in the stored hot water.The result will also show if there are legionella living in the stored hot water.