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AquaCert Shower Head Cleaner (liquid)

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Improved Formula – New Name

Descales and Disinfects at the same time

  • Descales and disinfects showers in minutes.
  • Used by the NHS, MOD and Care Homes throughout the UK

A liquid descaler and sanitiser for cleaning showerheads, tap outlets and other associated fittings, AquaCert Shower Head Cleaner quickly removes calcium and magnesium carbonate scale.
It also contains a proprietary biocide which disinfects the shower head. Independent laboratory tests show it is highly effective against legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Can also be used to clean sanitary ware, e.g. urinals, taps etc.
The product contains a pH indicator to show when the acidity of the product is depleted (the product colour changes from pink/orange to yellow).

Your order will be delivered by a specialist courier, they transport chemicals throughout the UK. The cost is determined by your postcode

  • Normal Dose Rate:
    Use neat or dilute to a maximum of 25% (1:3).Instructions:
    Add 15 litres of water to a clean container (min 40 litres capacity) and add 5 litres of product. For heavy deposits, or to speed up the descaling process, the product can be prepared as a 2:1 or 1:1 ratio, or neat for very stubborn deposits.

    • Remove the showerhead and submerge in the freshly prepared solution.
    • Remove and re-submerge the shower head several times to allow fresh product to reach restricted parts.
    • As the scale and debris is dissolved, the solution will effervesce until the showerhead and components are clean. Leave for a further 5 minutes to ensure optimal disinfection.
    • Rinse thoroughly after required contact time. Failure to rinse thoroughly could lead to staining.
    • Once the shower head has been reassembled, thoroughly flush the unit for at least 1 minute before returning the unit to service.

    Fresh product has a strong orange / pink colour. When the acidity of the product is depleted it turns yellow. A fresh solution should then be prepared.

    If the acid solution is still active (solution colour is orange), it should be neutralised prior to disposal.

    If you can’t remove your shower heads because they are fixed to the wall – try our AquaCert Shower Head Cleaner GEL

Q. Can it be used on chromed shower heads?
A. Can be used sparingly on decorative and Chromed finishes but chrome plating will eventually be removed with repeated use.

Q. Do I need protective clothing?
A. The product is acidic so suitable PPE should be worn such as rubber gloves, eye protection and an apron.

Q. Can I use it to descale toilet bowls and urinals?
A. Dirty Toilet Bowls – Pour in neat to the bowl and use brush or toilet mop to rub stubborn stains or deposits, then flush. Once cleaned, simply use daily (dilute with 20 parts water) to stop the scale returning.
Stained Urinals – Apply neat to surface working from side to side and swab entire area with brush or toilet mop. Leave to flush automatically. Once cleaned, simply use daily (dilute with 20 parts water) to stop the scale returning. It’s safe to use on stainless steel too.
Shower Tiles – Use a dilute solution, approx 1 part Shower Head Cleaner with 20 parts of water. Apart from helping to break down fats and greases, it will disinfect the whole area and prevent unsightly scale deposits.