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Hydrotherapy Pools (for dogs)

Canine hydrotherapy uses swimming in warm water to help dogs recover following surgery and for pets with more long-term mobility problems.

It is also beneficial in treating a variety of conditions, including muscle and ligament damage, orthopaedic conditions, arthritis, generative joint disease and neurological disorders.

The pets are naturally less fit than average either to age , accident or disease so the water needs to be kept to a high quality standard to prevent water borne pathogens causing infections.

Also, if it is a large pool where staff enter the water too – then it’s imperative that they are not put at risk due to harmful bacteria.

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Advice on Taking the Sample

Sampling should be taken immediately afterward the pool has been in use. Ideally take the sample as far away from any inlets as possible.

While the bottle is being plunged into the water it should be kept almost horizontal but with the neck pointing slightly upwards to avoid loss of the neutralising agent. Immerse 100-300mm below the pool surface and tilt upwards to allow it to fill.  Once full, replace the cap and shake to disperse the neutraliser.