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Most older hospitals have to manage the legionella risk by keeping the concentration of the bacteria as low as possible.

Hospital Water Quality

It is an accepted fact that many water systems within hospitals can never be ‘legionella free’ due to their complex water systems, age and regular refurbishments. Many hospitals cannot rely solely on temperature control to manage legionella and utilise other technologies such as chlorine dioxide.

Hospitals have the most susceptible ‘at risk’ people as patients, so undertake as many as 100 legionella tests every week to monitor the water quality amongst their 1000’s of taps, showers and sluices.

NHS guidance now requires outlets in augmented care units to undergo regular Pseudomonas aeruginosa screenings.

Bacteria Filters

Filters which trap bacteria (sometimes called legionella filters) can be fitted in minutes when poor water quality is discovered. These tap and shower filters allow the wards to continue normal working while the estates department schedule remedial works.


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