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Hydrotherapy Pools (for people)

These warm water pools are designed for aquatic physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation. They are used to treat people post injury, surgery, or for medical condition management.

The pool users are generally in a higher risk group that the general population and can be more susceptible to infection.

Hydrotherapy pools also have a far higher incidence of contamination so the dosing and filtration equipment should have a higher specification too.

The type of microbiological testing required is the same as swimming pools but the frequency is weekly rather than monthly.

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Advice on Taking the Sample

Sampling should be taken with the pool in use, preferably when heavily loaded or immediately afterwards.  The deep end is the best place, and away from inlets.

While the bottle is being plunged into the water it should be kept almost horizontal but with the neck pointing slightly upwards to avoid loss of the neutralising agent. Immerse 100-300mm below the pool surface and tilt upwards to allow it to fill.  Once full, replace the cap and shake to disperse the neutraliser.