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World’s First Ice Bath Pub

Now, cycling enthusiasts can soothe their tired muscles while enjoying an ice-cold refreshment to rejuvenate their tired legs and body by taking a dip at the Amstel Cold Tub Pub.
Coinciding with the Prudential Ride London event held annually in London…

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AquaCert becomes Care Home Award Finalist

As the established benchmark for excellence and innovation in UK’s care home management, operation, and delivery of service, the 2017 Care Home Awards saw many distinguished firms and companies take home coveted awards.
Guests to the 2017 Care H…

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First Legionella Awareness Day

August 30, 2017 marks the first time that Legionella Awareness Day is celebrated. The event aims to raise awareness of the disease. Legionnaires’ disease is caused by a type of bacteria known as Legionella. A person can catch the disease by inhal…

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Cooling tower legionella incident in Melbourne

Three men and two women from Victoria, Australia’s health office have succumbed to Legionnaires’ disease following a routine inspection of various CBD buildings.
A ranking officer from the health office reports that the victims of the disease suddenly…

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Legionella Water Testing Kits Yield Negative Results

It was on December 2016 when a confirmed case of Legionnaires’ disease was reported at the Harrison Medical Center. Subsequent testing of the water samples taken from the medical centre confirmed the presence of Legionella bacteria which are known to c…

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