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World’s First Ice Bath Pub

Now, cycling enthusiasts can soothe their tired muscles while enjoying an ice-cold refreshment to rejuvenate their tired legs and body by taking a dip at the Amstel Cold Tub Pub.

Coinciding with the Prudential Ride London event held annually in London, 2017’s three-day cycling festival concluded with the first-ever ice bath pub hosted by Amstel Bier. Held in London’s Pall Mall, the Amstel Cold Tub Pub was inspired by the popularity and health benefits of ice baths among athletes. Hosted by Olympian Mark Cavendish, this pop-up ice pub offered racegoers and cycling enthusiasts alike the opportunity to banish muscle fatigue via a custom-built cold tub. Once inside the ice-cold water, visitors were treated to an equally rejuvenating cold brew provided by sponsor Amstel Bier.

Mark Cavendish praised the event, calling it a rewarding team bonding experience as riders were treated to “an ice bath as well as a nice cold Amstel at the finish line!”

Throughout the three-day Prudential RideLondon weekend, visitors and enthusiasts who took the icy 10-minute plunge in these one metre deep tubs were kept safe from any waterborne diseases, predominantly the Legionella & Pseudomonas bacteria, by AquaCert, a leading Legionella testing company.

Safe Water Quality

AquaCert worked tirelessly alongside Amstel Bier to keep guests and cycling enthusiasts safe. They continuously monitored the water quality within the ice baths while filtering, cleaning, disinfecting, and testing the ice tubs so those who dared to take the plunge could enjoy the experience worry-free.

As natural inhabitants of water, Legionella can be naturally found in watershed locations such as streams, rivers, ponds and pools. It can also be prevalent in municipal water systems, entering through potable and non-potable water systems such as cooling towers, pools, and communal ice baths; this is why it was important that it was kept safe.

Legionella bacteria can cause a type of infection called legionellosis. It can enter the body through the inhalation of water droplets that carry the bacteria.

A dangerous and potentially fatal form of pneumonia, Legionnaires’ disease displays symptoms of fatigue, high fever, coughing, and diarrhea. As most of these symptoms display as flu-like symptoms, most people do not seek treatment.

Pseudomonas, another natural inhabitant of water can cause chest, ear & eye infections and even sepsis.

Taking all these into consideration, we here at Aquacert have kept the world’s first ice-bath pub pop-up clean and safe for all who went in to experience this icy dip.

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