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Cost Includes – Bottle Sample

The cost includes:-

  • AquaCert Ltd sending out the test pack.
  • Instructions on filling the sample bottle(s).
  • Details on how to contact AquaCert when you have filled the sample bottle(s).
  • AquaCert will arrange for a courier collection and pay the courier charges (see note 2 below)
  • Laboratory analysis.
  • Certificate of analysis.
  • Interpretation of analysis results plus recommendations to rectify any which show legionella are present.

Once our laboratory receive the returned water sample(s), it is incubated for 10 days to allow any legionella bacteria to grow. If legionella bacteria are present they can often be recognised within 7 days, in which case we will contact you directly by phone to alert you.

There are over 50 different species of legionella, some are much more pathogenic than others. Whenever we find legionella bacteria we will perform additional analysis (at no extra cost) to identify the strain and provide professional advice on the risks posed.

Note 1

You may wish to test your calorifiers or showers separately, see ‘Showers’ and ‘Calorifiers’ for further details.

Note 2

Higher charges may apply to Isle of Man Isle of Wight and Jersey and any remote Scottish postcodes.

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