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Ideally, you should ensure that your water supply is bacteria free and that appropriate measures such as testing for Legionella bacteria are enforced.  What else is more important than to guarantee you’re safe and healthy?

Water from natural sources poses a greater risk of containing Legionella bacteria due to the high concentration of dissolved organic matter. This high concentration of dissolved organic matter can be used by the bacteria as a food source.   

Researchers say that the organic material found in the water can lead to the creation of biofilm. In turn, this biofilm serves as a perfect breeding ground for Legionella when other conditions are met. These conditions include stagnation, temperature and pH level of the water.

Testing for Legionella in the water is crucial, especially for water coming from natural sources, because the bacteria found in the water cannot be totally eradicated by common disinfection processes. 

In the United Kingdom, mains water is derived from different sources including rivers, underground aquifers, and upland water reservoirs. Any of these sources can harbour micro-organisms that can be dangerous to human health. This is why water utility firms employ a number of barriers and disinfection techniques along with test and treatment programs.

Water, being a natural solvent, can contain a diverse array of substances.  These substances may include organic matter from plants and those derived from the soil.  Although people are not discouraged from drinking water directly from the tap or to use water for cooking or bathing, experts recommend a few critical measures that need to be enforced.

For one, stagnant water should be prevented and/or eliminated. Stagnant water can harbour Legionella. If you are going away from your home for more than one week, the taps and showers should be flushed before use to allow fresh water through the pipe work.

Outdoor water sources can also carry the risk of being ideal breeding grounds for the bacteria. It can also contaminate cooling towers, large air conditioners, hot water tanks, and hot tubs.  And as such, the appropriate steps to minimise the factors that lead to Legionella growth must be undertaken.

Homeowners are encouraged to regularly test for the presence of the bacteria in their water supply. 

For all your Legionella testing kit requirements and/or expert advice and recommendations, contact Aquacert and we will be happy to help.