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Owning property has its benefits and disadvantages, with the benefit being that you get financial security, especially when the home or the building consistently gains significant value. And the disadvantage is the level of maintenance you need to perform, which might cost money, but it’s a necessary expense.

It’s important to maintain your property so that it keeps you safe from harm. One of the more insidious problems in any home or building is the presence of bacteria, most notably Legionella.

Legionella bacteria will cause a serious form of lung infection called Legionnaires’ disease and a milder illness known as Pontiac fever. The bacterium is found in natural water sources as well as water systems, like your shower.

Showerheads are critical areas for bacterial growth because of rust, sludge, and scale build-up. Your risk for exposure to the bacterium increases when you fall under the high-risk category: smoker, over the age of 45, and impaired immune system.

And cleaning with the usual soap is not going to completely sanitise the system.

For an effective Legionella shower head disinfection, you need to use the right cleaning agent and follow a system that includes controlling the risk of Legionella growth and carrying out testing with the right kits and an accredited lab. This strategic approach to disinfecting your showerheads will keep your bathrooms free and clear of the deadly bacteria.

A recommended cleaning agent is AquaCert’s Shower Head Cleaner, which has received high marks from the European Legionella Disinfection Test Standard. The descaling and sanitising solution works with such efficacy that it is widely used in commercial and medical establishments, from hotel chains to hospitals. The cleaning solution will remove heavy deposits found in your showerheads and even in plumbing fittings.

Such an affordable and simple solution to a potentially fatal problem is especially crucial for landlords and agents. Since the revision to the Approved Code of Practice, landlords and agents now can carry out risk assessments in their properties. This is meant as a way to control exposure to Legionella in managed facilities and/or apartment buildings.

Of course, a disinfecting system with the right cleaning solution is not the only way to put a stop to Legionella growth. Periodic assessments of other high-risk systems such as cold water storage, tanks, and hot water systems will allow you to maintain a safe property for all.

Whether it’s for your family or for the residents in your establishments, keep your property safe from Legionella growth. Follow the appropriate disinfecting system. Use the proper agent. And apply control measures to prevent future growth.

Shower head disinfection helps protect your family