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In most houses, the bathroom is generally a lot cleaner than the kitchen. Why? This is because most homeowners tend to clean their bathrooms more than the space where food is prepared and cooked, and sometimes, eaten. But did you know that even when you scrub the bathroom thoroughly, there is a possibility of it still not being clean?

Deadly bacteria known as Legionella have a way of getting into your home — in this case, your bathroom. The bacterium thrives in certain conditions and temperatures, and it is found in water systems, not just natural water sources. Left unchecked, the bacteria could lead to Legionnaires’ disease, which is a severe form of pneumonia that is acquired by breathing in mists from water that contain Legionella.

The best way to prevent this disease would be to get bathroom Legionella testing.

Start with searching for legitimate testing kit providers. If you think this is going to be expensive, think again. This is a minimal cost for the considerable investment you are making for the safety and health of your family. This investment is also crucial if you happen to run a business that caters to the elderly and the sickly.

Once you have chosen your testing kit provider, make sure to follow the sampling instructions to the letter. You do not want to compromise the results of the test by contaminating the samples.

Your testing kit provider will then retrieve the samples from you and take them to a reputable testing laboratory. The laboratory should be accredited accordingly and follow the appropriate protocols for testing. This guarantees that the tests will be done accurately.

Preventing Legionnaires’ disease does not end with testing your bathrooms for the bacteria. The relevant government units recommend following a set of guidelines in limiting the bacteria to thrive and manage your risks.

Someone has to be responsible for monitoring, inspecting, and maintaining the bathrooms. For commercial establishments, records must be kept and observations noted. And a course of action must be taken immediately as soon as conditions become favourable to Legionella.

One of the more reliable and proven ways to keep the bacteria out of your bathrooms would be to use Showerhead Plus. This acid based, ready-to-use descaling solution has passed the European Legionella Disinfection Test Standard for Legionella pneumophila. It is used by hotels, care homes, and hospitals. And you can use it repeatedly to descale and sanitise your showerheads and plumbing fittings.

+Duncan Hollis