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How do you ensure the safety of your family? There are numerous ways to keep them protected from harm, that’s certain, but there are times when a situation may be out of your control. For instance, the outbreak of a disease or accidents on the road. Even when you and your family are at home, you should still be vigilant about potential risks.

One of the probable sources of risk is your water system. Now aside from making sure your pipes and your water storage units are clean, maintained, and up to code, you can get greater assurance of safety from your water system by investing in Legionella test kits.

A Legionella test kit identifies or screens water sources in your home or property for Legionella bacteria contamination. What are Legionella bacteria and why should you be concerned about it?

Legionella bacteria can cause a fatal form of pneumonia called Legionnaires’ disease. The bacterium is commonly found in natural sources of water as well as artificial water supply systems, where it then spreads quickly and thrives in certain conditions.

The risk of exposure varies with different people; the elderly are most vulnerable, including smokers and heavy drinkers, those with weakened immune systems, people suffering from lung and heart disease as well as diabetes, and children, whose immune systems may not be strong enough to fight off infection.

While showers, spas, heated pools, drinking machines, and tanks could be contaminated with Legionella, the bacterium may also infiltrate other water sources you might not even have thought about. A recent case of Legionnaires’, wherein the individual died, has shed light on the potential risk of windscreen wash reservoir. Upon investigation, authorities discovered that the windscreen wash reservoir was being topped up with tap water, which was evidently contaminated with the fatal bacteria, causing the owner to be exposed.

A simple Legionella test kit used on all water systems of the home may have prevented the terrible outcome. Authorities also point out that buying commercially available screen wash, which is formulated with chemicals that kill Legionella bacteria, could also have prevented the infection.

A test kit purchased from a reputable source that relies on a UKAS-certified laboratory for processing of samples could save you and your family from the harmful bacteria. You may think it an expense now, but it is a paltry amount — and a Legionella test kit would not cost a lot less than 50 quid — in comparison to the actual future cost of economising. So get a Legionella test kit. And secure the safety of water systems today.


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