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Legionella Testing Cost – A Small Price for Health & Safety

New York City’s Health Department recently finished testing water from 116 cooling towers in Lenox Hill. This follows a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak which claimed the life of one person and led to the hospitalisation of six victims.

To date, no new cases of the disease have been reported.

Officials from the Mayor’s Outreach Program, have launched a massive information campaign designed to increase awareness among the residents of Lenox Hill located in Manhattan.

This latest outbreak comes at the heels of the 2015 incident where rooftop cooling towers were determined to be the source of an outbreak in south Bronx which led to 12 fatalities. More recently, a police officer from the 23rd precinct in East Harlem was diagnosed with the disease.

Who is at risk?

Legionnaires’ disease is contracted when a person inhales water droplets contaminated by the Legionella bacteria. Many outbreaks can be traced to plumbing systems like cooling towers, spas, humidifiers, and hot water tanks which have been compromised due to the conditions which are favourable to Legionella bacterial growth. The disease cannot be passed from person to person.

A fit and healthy person can bounce back from the disease with prompt diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately the elderly, smokers, and people with weak immune systems are considered high risk groups.

Fortunately, a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak can be easily prevented through vigilance and active monitoring of plumbing systems. And one of the strategies that is used to ensure control measures are effective is Legionella testing.

Legionella Testing Cost

For around £55 (+VAT), the Legionella testing cost is relatively low considering the benefits and peace of mind that you will receive.

Testing for Legionella can be completed in just three easy steps. After ordering and receiving your test kit, you can begin filling the Legionella testing kit bottle with samples from hot taps and showers. Once filled, the testing kit bottle will be picked up for free and then sent to a laboratory. After the laboratory analysis is completed, you will receive the results and a certificate.

Legionella testing is not mandatory in all situations. Testing is considered to be one of the duties of landlords to ensure the assessment and control of the risk of exposure to Legionella. Generally, the testing or collecting of samples is not required in all domestic and cold systems. However, there are a few circumstances wherein testing should be done.

Legionella disease is deadly and kills people. The cost of a lost life will never compare to the small price you will spend for regular water testing. It’s never too late to start taking action now. It’s affordable and simple.

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