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If you’re one of the many who believe that renting a home is the most practical arrangement for living, it’s imperative that you’re exceptionally meticulous not only in looking for a home to rent, but you should also pay great attention to the personality of the landlord.

Your landlord will definitely have a huge impact on the life you want to establish. The last thing you want is one who doesn’t know how to honour his own responsibilities, and there are many of such kind nowadays. Beware of those that do not carry out necessary repairs to the home promptly, or are usually nowhere to be found for problem reports but are always in a hurry to collect rent.

One of the leading responsibilities that landlords have to carry out for their rental properties is legionella testing. Landlords who invest in such health and safety procedure clearly demonstrate their compliance and obedience to industry requirements, and their dedication to providing a place where people can truly be safe. If you find landlords who implement this safety requirement regularly, better stick to them.

The advantages of dealing only with such landlords are the following:

First, you have the automatic assurance that you’re moving into a place where you and your family are safe – that’s truly what matters the most.

Secondly, you get the best value for your money – who cares if you’re paying higher monthly rent? If your landlord easily complies with the safety requirement, it’s highly likely that he stays on top of all issues related to the rental property, so, that’s surely to your great advantage.

And lastly, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary expenses in the future such as medical treatments or hospitalisation due to Legionnaire’s disease – with how high the cost of living is these days, nobody can afford to get sick even if they have medical insurance or whatnot.

Plus, it’s not just the monetary impact you get to do away with – you also avoid the psychological stress that comes with having a member who is seriously ill.

A home has to be a place of comfort, convenience and safety, whether you own it or are just renting it. Make sure that the place you’re moving into meets all safety policies and the landlord is always on top of his end of the deal; this is one of the proven effective strategies in pursuing the quality of live you want.

Written by +Duncan Hollis