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When it comes to renting out properties, it’s crucial for property owners or landlords to go about certain processes in ensuring the safety of the provision to boost its appeal. Structural repairs have to be carried out because most tenants definitely prefer a place that will allow them to easily move in. Ditto with functional repairs; these need to be completed because all non-working elements are automatic deal breakers — no tenant is attracted to taps that aren’t working, or toilets that do not flush properly, or lights that do not turn on when switched.

To seal rental contracts, the rental property has to be in good condition – that is, unless potential tenants couldn’t care less about personal health or hygiene.

Another process that landlords should consider is Legionella testing for rental properties. This effort is taking the rental business to a higher level. Not too many landlords ever think about the possibility that the rental provision’s water distribution system could be the breeding ground for harmful elements such as Legionella bacteria, which are the main cause of Legionnaires’ disease. But landlords in the country should implement this, especially with a lot of older people (who are most prone to the infection) nowadays seeking smaller rental homes or flats which are easier for them to maintain.

If rental property owners would carry this important process out, they only have everything to gain from the effort even if it can cost them a bit. Most tenants want to have the assurance that they are moving into a safe new home and they would have the quality of life they want. If the test proves that the rental property is Legionella-free, the likelihood that potential tenants will choose it over other provisions is definitely higher.
In addition to that, if landlords do not want to face costly lawsuits in the future, they will have their properties tested for Legionella. If courts find out that they didn’t go through the proper procedure of ensuring the safety of the provision (and as a result, people’s lives were put in fatal danger), the price to pay for negligence is very high – and that’s not just from the monetary perspective.

Testing does not take a painfully long time so landlords shouldn’t think of it as a troublesome responsibility to uphold. And if the test reveals that, indeed, Legionella bacteria are present in the property’s water distribution system, a thorough and effective cleanup (using the appropriate and proven effective cleaning agent) can be performed right away. This means they can re-pitch the property to the market as a completely safe provision which can be expected to attract more potential renters.

+Duncan Hollis