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The most common sources of Legionella bacteria that a lot of people know about are disseminated water through shower heads, taps, hot tubs, and heated pools. Unbeknownst to many, studies have proven that exposure to bacteria can happen pretty much anywhere — especially after a downpour.

Legionella bacteria were actually detected in 30 percent of soils and 3-9 percent of rainwater puddles by amoebal co-culture. So just imagine, you may be picnicking at the park with your family, or having a grand time jumping on puddles in your yard or street and splashing yourself and your children with water as you all squeal in laughter, or inhaling that wet soil scent after a rainfall that that somehow triggers a fond memory, but while you’re doing all those, you’re actually exposing yourself to harmful bacteria that can seriously compromise your health. 

The studies reveal that Legionella pneumophila was isolated from two of the six Legionella positive soil samples derived, as well as two of the three Legionella positive rainwater samples. A bigger cause of concern is that other species were also identified, like the pathogenic Leg. Gormanii and Leg. Longbeachae.

These findings are not meant to trigger paranoia, but medical and health professionals want these to be known so people can be properly informed and be more cautious, especially because Legionnaire’s disease is often initially dismissed as a common cold or flu. In addition to that, this illness can be aggressive, so early identification can contribute greatly to the prompt and proper treatment of the disease, as well as the prevention of its outbreak (which actually has a high likelihood of happening).

And speaking of preventing the outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease, now that it’s determined that the bacteria could be present in other places, testing can be done more effectively. It’ll be easier to determine the locations to get samples from and treat eventually, once results of the test show that the Legionella bacteria is indeed present in your property.

To test your property for the presence of Legionella, a Legionella testing kit is available at an affordable price. It will allow you to safely collect several samples of water and even soil that will be taken to a laboratory that will test them. In a matter of days, you can get the results as well as instructions or recommendations for treatments to fully get rid of the bacteria in locations where they’re identified to be present. 

These days, you simply cannot be too safe, so invest in the right products that will allow you to ensure your family’s health and safety at all times.

+Duncan Hollis