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A lot of prevalent diseases nowadays come from food and water contamination. The more concerning aspect of this situation is that it’s often challenging to identify where the contamination occurred, as well as what triggered its occurrence. Food authorities can only emphasise and re-emphasise the importance of superior sanitation measures during the food preparation process as a preventive method.

Despite efforts to implement cleaner and safer food processing, there still have been numerous reports of contamination, and among them is campylobacter contamination in supermarket chickens. Many are not quite familiar with campylobacter contamination, yet that is precisely why food authorities are doing what they can to increase awareness about it — because it often leads to deadly cases of food poisoning. 

What’s particularly dangerous about campylobacter contamination is that the symptoms do not manifest right away – a person who has eaten contaminated poultry may seem fine for several days after consuming the product, making it difficult to pinpoint what exactly triggered the symptoms. To make matters worse, there’s no known vaccine for it.

The only established fact about most campylobacter bacteria is that they come from chicken; therefore, people who want to decrease their risk of exposure may feel the need to eliminate chicken from their diet. This is not necessary, though, if places that sell poultry will take extra care in preparing their chicken; they should make sure that not only has the chicken been properly cleaned and processed as recommended by food authorities, but also that the conditions of the preparation or processing area are compliant with established standards. It’s important to make sure as well that the quality of the water used for cleaning surfaces and all material for processing is also free from all sorts of contaminants.

And speaking of water quality, the use of water quality testing kits is deemed one of the effective methods of decreasing the risk of fast contaminant proliferation in food processing. The kits identify germs and bacteria present in the water, and once all of these are determined, recommendations on what can be done to eliminate these negative elements are provided. One of the highly recommended solutions to ensure good water quality as a cleaning agent is to make sure that water distribution systems (which are actually ideal breeding places for bacteria) are properly sanitised. Showerhead Plus is a cleansing solution that is particularly effective in killing off germs and bacteria; it’s even powerful against the incredibly dangerous Legionella bacteria and may prove to also be effective in fighting campylobacter contamination.

Therefore, for businesses that process chicken and that aim to adhere to strict sanitation requirements, ensuring good water quality is a must. To this end, water quality testing paired with the use of a powerful cleaning agent for water distribution systems should be carried out regularly.

+Duncan Hollis